First, you need to let your caseworker know that the Killeen Housing Authority does accept portability. We are currently BILLING. The required paperwork should include:

  • HUD-52665 Family Portability Information Form 
  • Client’s current voucher 
  • Current 50058 Form 
  • Current EIV Report 
  • Client’s current income verifications 
  • Client contact address and phone number 

There must be a minimum of 45 days remaining on your voucher to port to Killeen Housing Authority. Once you have gathered all of your paperwork, please email Angela Young or call her at 254.634.5243 Ext 14.


KHA does not advise nor suggest that you do so. We must be determined if you are eligible for the unit, the unit must pass a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection, and the rent must be determined to be reasonable prior to you moving in.

If you sign a lease before the request for tenancy approval (RFTA) process is complete, you will be responsible for the rent and any charges prior to the unit passing its HQS and rent reasonableness determination.

KHA will NOT add members to your household during your portability process.  Only the household composition recognized by your initial Housing Authority will be processed during the KHA portability process.

For Incoming Portability, the time stated on your voucher will be the same time issued by your initial Housing Authority.  Meaning, that the KHA voucher will expire on the same date as indicated on the voucher from your initial Housing Authority.

For Outgoing Portability, voucher extensions must be submitted, in writing, at our offices two weeks prior to the expiration date of your voucher and will only be approved under extenuating circumstances.  Please allow 10 business days for a decision.  

After the unit has passed inspection and the contract has been submitted for payment, you will be mailed a “Rent Change Notice” letter from KHA.  The family’s portion of the rent will be included in this letter. 

You will need to submit a declaration to KHA, in writing, stating that you want to cancel your port request and have your documents sent back to your initial Housing Authority.  Then, inform your initial Housing Authority that you have cancelled your request to port to Killeen.  

 KHA will send you a closed file letter which will explain that we are closing your file and your documents are being returned to your initial Housing Authority for failure to lease up.  The closed file letter will also give you the right to appeal KHA’s decision to close your file and cancel your port request.