General Information

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How do I know where I am on the waiting list?

 While there is no way to know where you are on the waiting list or exactly how long it will take for you to get a voucher, there is a way to check your status and keep your application up-to-date. Visit 

I am on the waiting list. How long will it take for me to receive assistance?

 It could take several months to several years to get assistance. The applications are processed in the order they are received. Applications received from applicants with a verified disability and applicants verified as living in a homeless shelter are processed before all other applications. 

How much is my voucher worth?

 A voucher uses payment standards that represent the most KHA will pay to help a family with rent. Please see the payment standards in the Briefing Book. This does not mean that we will pay the full amount for each family, since many things affect the family’s assistance. Payment standards include rent plus a utility allowance (U/A) if the tenant pays any of the utilities (e.g., Rent + Utility Allowance = Payment Standard). 

I want to add a member to my household, how do I do that?

 You must have prior written approval from KHA before moving any adult member into a unit. You must send a written request and provide the person’s Social Security number, photo ID, full legal name, and date of birth. KHA will conduct a background check to determine eligibility and will notify you of the results. The addition of a minor, resulting from a birth, adoption, or court awarded custody must be reported in writing by the family’s next annual recertification. KHA’s policy does not require reporting these cases unless it is during your annual reexamination. However, other minors must be reported within 30 days. 

My landlord will not fix items in the unit in need of repair. What can I do?

 All requests to repair items should be made in writing to the landlord so that there is a clear understanding of what is needed. If the owner/landlord does not repair the item(s) in a timely manner, you may request an inspection of the unit by submitting a list of items to KHA. If any items are potentially life threatening or create health and safety issues, you may call KHA for assistance. Items considered life threatening or that impact health and safety may include such things as electrical hazards, sewage problems, no water, no heat, leaks in the ceiling where there is possible falling debris, blocked exits, a gas leak, etc. 

I have a decrease in income. What do I do to get my rent lowered?

 You must report all changes in writing to KHA. With your written notice, submit any paperwork you have showing that you have lost your job or showing your reduced income. For example, a letter from your previous employer on company letterhead indicating your last day of employment, a family contribution statement with amount provided and how often, DHS printouts and benefit letters (i.e., Social Security, unemployment, etc.). If you apply for unemployment, food stamps, TANF or if a family member is now assisting with bills, you must include this paperwork. Decreases will be effective after all income changes are verified. The change will not be retroactive to the date of the event or the reporting of the event.