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***Our Office is currently closed to the public for the safety of our staff.***

Notice Regarding COVID-19

We are following the latest government recommendations on social distancing due to COVID-19.  We have decided to close our office to the public.  If you need assistance please call (254) 327-1164 or email our office.

Application Information

If you gather all the required information ahead of time, completing the online KHA Housing application should take no more than 30 minutes. Submitting information is a secure process.


  • A current mailing address and telephone number where we can reach you
  • Your email address (not required, but recommended)
  • Names of everyone who will live with you
  • Social Security numbers for everyone who will live with you
  • Dates of birth for everyone who will live with you
  • The gender (male/female) of everyone who will live with you
  • The race and ethnicity of everyone who will live with you
  • Whether anyone who will live with you is handicapped or disabled
  • The primary language of the head of household
  • The current living situation (for example, “homeless” or “not homeless”) of the head of household
  • The value of all household assets (for example, bank accounts, investments and real estate)
  • The total monthly income of the household (including all household members)
  • The sources of all income (wages, pensions, SSI,TANF and other sources)


  • You will first be asked to create a user name and password, which ensures your information is accessible only by you. 
  • You can save an incomplete application and finish it later by clicking Save and Sign Out on the left side of each page. Any information you have entered up until that point will be saved. 
  • To retrieve your information later, log on with the name and password you created and click on Sign in and Finish on the left.


How do I apply?

Individuals can apply online or manage a current application by selecting the link on this page or by visiting

Do you have emergency housing?

How long do I have to wait for housing?

Does my public housing application transfer?

How much of a deposit do I need for public housing?

Are you the same as the office in Belton?